in black and white u can’t tell if its lipstick or poop
(its lipstick)
((no its not))


Guys, I’m really proud of Gerard. I never wanted to band to break up, but he’s taking care of himself. No, scratch that. He’s taking care of his family. So don’t give him shit.

did you guys know faith is the best well its true go follow her right now bc its the right thing to do ok? ok.

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my memories taste like medicine
use a boxcutter to carve your lovers face into a wall
I want to be wanted I want to curl up inside her like a parasite

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fuck, guys how did we miss this….

"You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison"

ookay handwriting challenge  non-challenging thing :) tagged by falloutstop (ur the best man)

1) name

2) Blog URL

3) Blog title

4) crush

5) favorite color

6) CAPS LOCK (what does this mean i dont understand)

7) favorite band

8) favorite number

9) favorite band

10) tag 10 people hmm ok I don’t know 10 people i have no friends 10 is so many I shall do…..6. Ima tag pete wentz.because get on my level.

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wow wow wow I feel so loved right now ima do this in the morning when there is light

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